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This is the must attend bushcraft training course for learning the bounty of wild edibles that grace our fields hedgerows and verges during the months of Spring. Foraging course

This is a one day course that will show you many of the wild plants and roots on offer and will guide you through safe and reliable identification. You will be shown the plants and tested to ensure that you have retained the information and therefore will be well on the way to starting your own foraging.

You will also get to sample many of the wild plants shown and a tasty meal will be cooked using them.

We strongly suggest you bring a notebook and pencil on this course and take as many notes as possible. A digital camera is also useful (but not essential) to record the species that you'll learn.

A midday meal, drinks and snacks will also be provided..

Duration: 1 day starting at 9am and finishing between 3 and 4 pm.

Cost: NOW £90 (was £100)

pre-requisite bushcraft courses: none

To book contact us on learnbushcraft@gmail.com or 07952683383.

Dates 2013

14th April (Available)

28th April (Available)


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