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The Bow Drill and Hand drill courses could be the most rewarding one day bushcraft course you attend.Hand drill bushcraft course

To attend this course you will learn far more than just the hand drill

We provide 6 months free instructional aftercare and advice via email, phone or in person to anyone attending our fire by friction courses. If you're still having problems and are nearby, we endeavour to spend a little more time with you to help you achieve competance in this survival skill.


There's something truly magical about gently coaxing a smoldering ember from seemingly inert materials and blowing it into a flame. It's a wonderful skill to have and one that is almost as enthralling to watch as it is to perform.     

Ed stafford testamonial

The hand drill is viewed by many as the quintessential bushcraft skill, giving the master of its use a feeling of freedom and self reliance that is rivalled by few other

survival and native living skills.




Now wishing to give a high instructor to client ratio, the number of people on this course is limited to only two at any time. This allows us to really concentrate a lot of focussed, high quality instruction.


In short; we are running these courses, not to make large amounts of money, but simply because we love teaching them and enjoy seeing clients succeed in aquiring these ancient and essential outdoor firelighting skills.


Hence, this course is by now request.


To book & discuss dates please send a text to my number: 07952683383.



Further information about this course


See the following video to gain an idea of what you will be taught...

Hand drill


On this bushcraft course you will learn the very best ways of achieving success in that ultimate goal -

making a fire by friction.

Your instructor for this course, Dale is one of the UK's leading experts on fire by friction, who with his ten years of experience has tried and tested many different methods and materials. As such, by attending this bushcraft course you are ensured the very best possible chance of succeeding in creating your first friction fire.

We cover the main elements

  • Carving techniques
  • Wood types and selection
  • Techniques and skills involved in the fire making process
  • Position and stance
  • Location
  • Fire management
  • Knots
  • How to make a fire from a hand drill kit recently soaked in water.
  • A wealth of information on different types of tinder and their uses will also be provided.

There is also another advantage to studying this skill with us; we always throw in lots of other bushcraft knowledge and skills training thoughout the day.  During this last year of teaching the participants on this course have learnt many other differrent aspects of bushcraft from wild edibles, cordage and carving, to trapping and tracking to name just a few.

We currently teach bow drill and hand drill in a completely differrent way to most approaches. We feel our method is better suited to giving the greatest chance of success whilst also teaching some important skills that are essential to bushcraft and fire by friction.

We are also keeping the numbers lower to improve instructor to student ratio and therefore heighten your chances of success.

This bushcraft course focuses strongly on ensuring participants succeed in making that first friction fire and leave with the confidence and knowledge necessary to practice and refine their skill until to they have fully mastered the bow drill.


To book contact us on learnbushcraft@gmail.com or 07952683383.

Max group size: 2

Self catering - bring a packed lunch (we provide the brews!)

Duration: 1 day

Cost:  £120

pre-requisite bushcraft courses: none


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