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fire by friction hand drill

This is a 3 day long course giving you in depth training in a vast array of fire skills. Many methods will be covered in detail during your stay from simple modern methods through to fire by friction from bow dril, hand drill and others. This is not just a sit and watch course, this is hands on; learning the techniques to carry away with you where ever you may go. We will start with the most modern man made methods and slowly work our way back through the ages to the most primitive and essential bushcraft skills where fire can be created with only a knife or sharply edged rock. cramp ball embers

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to start or even advance their bushcraft fire lighting skills. So if you are new to bushcraft or have even been pursuing it for years but wish to advance your fire skills then this could be the course for you.

Along with attending comes 6 months of free aftercare and advice, even in person to help iron out any problems you may encounter.

fire steelThis is the most thorough and wide ranging bushcraft fire skills course in the UK and you will leave with a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, all taught by one of the UK's top fire by friction experts.

The skills covered

  • Single match fire
  • Ferrocium fire steel uses on barks and tinders
  • creating fire by chemical and electrical means
  • Fire piston
  • flint and steel
  • Bow drill, including bow drill kits with natural cord
  • Hand drill
  • Tropical and desert methods, e.g. fire plough and fire thong.
  • Wet fire lighting kit remedies
  • Tool selection advice- knives, axes, saws
  • Knife and saw skills
  • Tinder types and selection
  • Coal nurture and extenders
  • Camp fire types and management
  • Wood types and selection for burning
  • Extingushing safely
  • Fire safety
  • Techniques, tips and tricks to get that fire!






This is a three day self catering course run from a central base camp in gorgeous bluebell filled, ancient coppiced woodland, surrounded by wildlife such as buzzards, deer and badger. The course runs from 9am on Saturday and finishes at about 4pm on the Monday. Drinks and biscuits will be supplied as will all the equipment needed, such as knives, sharpening stones, and pots to cook over the open fire which you will become increasingly more skilled at creating and using.

bushcraft feather sticks

Max group size: 5

Duration: 3 days run both mid week and over weekends.

Cost: NOW £270

pre-requisite bushcraft courses: none

Booking and dates

We run this course by request arranged on a convenient date for yourself and we only need a minimum of one person.

To book contact us on learnbushcraft@gmail.com or 07952683383.

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