Bushcraft from pre-history! Making fire with hand drill the stone age way!

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A youtube video of Dale demonstrating some of the skills taught on our bushcraft courses. Here you can see fire by friction made using the hand drill. However, in this video you will notice a complete absence of modern day tools. In fact Dale goes out emptyhanded and uses the stones he finds along the way to carve the materials he finds along the way into a useful survival friction fire lighting kit. Dale explains how this is done without using flint (as this doesn't occur everywhere) and uses the floating hands method.

As yet there is no evidence to suggest the hand drill was used in the Stone Age UK. However, as the materials decay very quickly any potential evidence would have been lost milennia ago.

For a more detailed explanation of the floating hands bushcraft skill click here. Skills like these are taught on our bushcraft courses, which along with the many additional tips and expert guidance you'll receive from Dale, ensure your best possible chances of success with this method.