Recommended reading

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Here is a list of books we recommend for the budding bushcrafter. They range from dedicated bushcraft books to specific books on plantlore and tracking an other craft subjects.

  • The Outdoor Survival Handbook by Ray Mears
    A good guide to general bushcraft skills, well written and illustrated.
  • Essential Bushcraft by Ray Mears
    Building on the first book another good read; many bushcraft skills are repeated but there is also lots of new things.
  • Animal Tracks and Signs by Preben Bang and Preben Dahlstrom
    A great book to start your tracking education with.
  • The Wildflower Key by Francis Rose
    A brilliant plant ID book. Contains lots of descriptive info. Use the book below to get a quick general ID on the plant then use the widlflower key to refine and postively ID the plant.
  • Wild Flowers of Britain by Roger Phillips
    Another really good book that deals with each species without going too far into the sub groups therefore it has less pages to search through when trying to ID a plant. More importantly the author has taken each plant and photographed it against a neutral background and then published them as full sized A4 colour photos in the book making visual ID easy.
  • Field Guide to Wilderness Survival by Tom Brown Jnr
    A detailed and well written book of survival skills from one of North America's top bushcraft survivalists.